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Asma Agro (M) Sdn Bhd is able to regenerate millions of true-to-type various tropical fruit plantlets for mass commercial farming. Other commercialised plantlets are:

a. Dwarf Cavendish (Grand Naine) The Cavandish is the name for the banana cultivar used most commonly in the world of banana trade. It ranges from approximately 15-25 cm in length. The tissue culture technique is used for rapid mass multiplication of planting materials for commercial plantation and shorter harvesting period. Up to 1,200 plants could be planted in an acre of land using tissue culture technology. It has a higher survival rate than suckers; resistant from disease, uniform growth, maturity and 15% - 20% increase in yield

b. Horn Banana (Musa Paradisiaca)

c. Jackfruit Banana (Pisang Nangka)

d. Pisang Abu (Awak)

e. Pisang Berangan (Musa Acuminata)