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Dinar / MD2 Pineapple Plantlets & Fruits

Dinar is the trademark for our MD2 pineapple and other products. MD2 pineapple is a hybrid pineapple which becomes the standard for international market because of its colour, flavour, shape, life span and ripeness superior to other varieties.

MD2 contains higher sugar content, making it sweeter than other varieties and is yellowish in colour when ripen. MD2 typically grows in a uniform size, which gives medium to large (1.3kg to 2kg) cylindrical and squared-shoulder fruit with large flat eyes. It also has spineneless leaves (making it more convenient for maintenance and harvesting) and greener than most varietes. The pulp is sweeter, more complex, less fibreous and contains 4 times more vitamin C. It have longer shelf life of 30 days after harvesting compare to 21 days for other varieties. It is able to survive up to 2 weeks in cold storage.

Tissue cultured plantlets are the most suitable planting materials in pineapple cultivation because they are not contaminated and resistant to mealy bugs, nematodes, wilt disease, heart and root rot. Ripe fruits that are produced using traditional methods are usually harvested after 15 to 17 months of planting, while fruits developed from micropropagation only need approximately 12 months to be harvested.