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The Company

ASMA AGRO (M) SDN BHD (745825-U), had been incorporated on 29th August, 2006 to play an active role in Agrocultural Biotechnologies. ASMA AGRO is an agriculture biotechnology company that is awarded a BioNexus Status Company by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia. ASMA AGRO produces and supplies good quality plantlets from various tropical fruits and other elite selected clones through the micropropagation tissue culture technology and nursery propagation technologies, including media recipe, formulation and plant processing and maintenance procedures. The technology which is capable of producing high yield, true-to-type crop in a shorter time that will add to the commercial value and increase the supply of highly demanded fruits and seeds.

ASMA AGRO has regenerated millions of true-to-type plantlets for MD2 pineapple, ASMA AGRO also operates a large commericla MD2 pineapple plantation in Malaysia that supplies premium quality MD2 pineapple fruts and pineapple suckers.

Sow the finest, reap the best.